Schools and Universities Cleaning

Schools and Universities Cleaning


Purely spotless offers Schools and Universities cleaning services to educational institutes due to it’s tendency to accommodate a massive variety of students, in doing so educational facilities can fast become breeding grounds for fast-moving germs, learning in clean and hygienic environments tends to be paramount.

Our exceedingly skilled cleaners are fully certified to clean Colleges, Schools and Universities using state of the art equipment and the most effective methodologies. We call for the very best widespread of workmanship, enforcing ongoing educational training packages that ensures our specialists are with the latest tactics and procedures.

Maintaining Excellent Learning in School and Universities Environments

Constant improvement of our personnel makes us updated with latest and advanced ways of cleaning that ensures we stay actual to our objective and are focused on removing contaminants out of your facilities and universities school rooms, in place of certainly redistributing them so you can foster a extra efficient studying surroundings.

In choosing Purely Spotless for your School and Universities cleaning services, students can focus on their schoolwork, teachers can focus on teaching without being distracted by surrounding filth or the fear of contracting illnesses. Through cleaning your various classrooms and facilities, we can help make students and faculty feel comfortable all while ensuring that your sense of professionalism remains unblemished.

We can provide assistance for public and private schools, university campuses, day-care centers and pre-schools. which also include special expertise in cleaning other common areas in the school like staff rooms, playgrounds and toilet blocks. Since we clean because we care, you’ll be confident that your students and teachers are safe and secure when it comes to the cleanliness of the school and the conduct of our staff.


How it works:

  • Once you’ve reached us by requesting a quote, our Business Development Manager will arrange a time to meet with you at your school to get a comprehensive picture of your school cleaning requirements.
  • We’ll formulate a proposal based on a cleaning plan formulated especially for you.
  • We assign a supervisor which will in turn assign selected professional personels that will handle every need your establishment would require
  • From there, the communication lines are open at all times and, with the support of your Area Manager and the State Operations Manager.





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